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Check out these icicles!

Merits of a Winter Beard

Why shave after November is over? Keeping the scruff through the winter months can make the harsh winter days a little more manageable.

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2014 Goals: Pushing Limits

Tomorrow marks the first day of a new year, so it’s time to get the new goals and resolutions written down.  It helps to have everything visualized going into the year, and it also creates a sense of responsibility.  With that said, here are my goals for 2014!

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Elemental Motivation Part 1: Running Angry

Just about every runner has been there.  Whatever the reason, sometimes fueling a run with anger can lead you as a runner beyond what you could imagine was possible.

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Recent Articles

March Mad Dash 2014

Spring of PR’s

Spring Thaw 15 Mile: 11th Overall, 1:38:11

March Mad Dash 10 Mile:  4th Overall, 1:00:38

After taking time off after last fall’s 50k trail adventure, it felt great to get back out there. Read more »


11 Weeks to Boston: Making Up Time

This week marks 11 weeks until the start rings through the streets of Hopkinton, letting loose thousands of runners en masse toward downtown Boston.  To make things even better, January has been rather… uncooperative. Read more »


2014: Better Keeps Moving

One year ago, I wrote about my 2013 sweeping resolution to Pursue Better.  What I learned after the past year is that I will never get there.  Not because I have stagnated or not been better, but because better keeps moving. Read more »


Looking Back: 2013

It’s that time of year again!  It’s time to look back on the past ~360ish days and remember where we’ve been, and see where we are moving forward. Read more »


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